Government Loans

Getting a loan for almost any big thing is bothersome. You have to produce the documents and you also have to wait for the processing. Approval requires a bit of work as well. All in all, it can be frustrating to obtain a loan.

However, all because of the internet, you can now do research about loans and find the right fit. There are lenders who would tell you all you need to know right off the bat while there are those who has business practices that may surprise you.

Why you Need Government Loans

Good thing, there is a lender who has no choice but to share all their requirements upfront, and this lender is also known as the government.

Government loans or government backed loans are considered as the best kinds of loans when it comes to interest rates and mortgage payments. Who can blame an applicant for wanting to pay for smaller interest?

There are three main kinds of government loans available to the public - the student loans, the housing loans, and business loans.


Housing Loans

One of the top priorities of the government is providing a home for every single one of its citizens. Studies have shown that those who own their homes have a better sense of community. They feel that they really belong and they end up showing more camaraderie and cares more for their environment. Financially, homeowners can build equity on their own homes and improve their finances when the need arises. It is a win-win situation and the government is all for it. Hence, it explains why there are a lot of government backed housing loans available in the market today. For first time home buyers, they can opt for the FHA Loan allows the buyer to pay the downpayment as low as as 3.5%. 

For those who need help refinancing their loans, there are mortgage help programs available for the buyer. For home improvements, FHA 203(k) loans are available to help with the cash flow while the home is undergoing repairs.For those who wants to join the green initiative, a loan program for energy saving improvements are available as well. There are so many government loans available for all of population’s housing needs. All that the individual has to do is to make sure that he would choose the right one that fits him and ensure that he would use such loans for his own well being.


Business Loans

The government also provides business loans. Since a lot of small businesses aim to provide jobs for more people and help the community in some way, the government is all for providing help to small scale business owners especially those who work for the community. The government acts as guarantor for loans of that nature.

One of the top business loans is the SBA 7(a) or also known as the small business loan. This loan is considered as the most popular loan program because small time business owners can given the help that they need. It provides for a loan of up to $2 million.


Student loans

Educational loans or student loans ensure that those who wants to pursue studying could do so with the help of the government. There are full ride scholarships, sponsored scholarships, and interest focused loans where the government focuses on shouldering a little bit of the interest while the borrower pays for the principal.


Well-being Loans

Government loans are also called well-being loans. They provide assistance to the specific needs of the borrowers - literally a roof over their heads, education, and business assistance. While the qualifications are sometimes stringent, the processing is all worth it once you get the loan.

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